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Popular driving routes in Cuba!

Cuba is a heavenly place on earth for car tourists located in the Caribbean. Cuba offers a unique auto touring experience combining well-preserved vintage cars, scenic routes and a rich cultural heritage.


Here are some of the most interesting places you can start with:

Havana: The capital is a must-visit with its colourful streets, historic architecture and vibrant life. Drive along the Malecon, a long coastal boulevard that offers stunning views of the ocean and city life.


The image depicts a vibrant street scene in Old Havana, Cuba, perfect for car tourists. It showcases a typical Cuban experience with classic vintage cars, colourful colonial architecture and a lively street atmosphere, reflecting the cultural and historical essence of Havana.


Of course, there is a statue of Christ in Havana, not like the one in Rio, a little smaller and with a different gut, the message is different from it to the world. That sculpture is particularly impressive, a grandiose creation!


Viñales Valley: UNESCO World Heritage Site. Viñales offers breathtaking scenery of mogotes (limestone hills) and tobacco fields. Rural roads provide a scenic drive through the heart of Cuba's tobacco country.


Trinidad: known for its colonial architecture, nearby beaches such as Playa Ancon and the Valley of the Sugar Mills (Valle de los Ingenios).


Varadero: known for its extensive beaches and resorts along the Jicacos Peninsula.


Cienfuegos: shown with the bay, the Palacio de Valle and the city centre.
Bay of Pigs (Bahia de Cochinos): known for its historical sites and natural beauty, including diving sites.


Santiago de Cuba: known for its historical sites, cultural institutions and nearby natural attractions such as Gran Piedra.





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