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Popular motorway routes in Albania

Albania with its stunning landscapes, rich history and vibrant culture offers travellers many popular tourist roads. Here are some of Albania's most famous and favourite tourist roads:

SH8: Albanian Riviera Road. Running along the beautiful Albanian Riviera on the shores of the Ionian Sea, this coastal road provides access to unspoilt beaches, charming villages and crystal clear waters. It is ideal for beach lovers and those looking for a Mediterranean holiday.


Logara Pass: this mountain pass on SH8 offers a spectacular view of the Ionian Sea and the Logara Pass itself. It is a favourite spot among tourists and nature lovers.


SH75: Tet-Valbona Pass: this road leads to the Tet and Valbona valleys in the Albanian Alps. The route passes through picturesque villages and offers access to hiking trails, waterfalls and alpine scenery.


SH78: Korce - Pogradec: this road runs along the shore of Lake Ohrid, providing access to beautiful coastal towns, historical sites and the natural beauty of the lake.


SH75: Shkoder to Tet. This road leads from Shkoder to the remote Tet Valley, offering views of the Cursed Mountains, traditional stone houses and access to Tet National Park.


SH21: Berat to Vlora. This road linking the UNESCO World Heritage city of Berat with the coastal town of Vlora offers a combination of cultural heritage and coastal charm.


SH4: Tirana - Durres. This well-travelled road connects the capital Tirana with the coastal town of Durres. It is a popular route for those who want to see both city and seaside sights.


SH6: from Permet to Leskovik: this mountain road will take you through the beautiful scenery of the Zagori region, famous for its canyons, thermal springs and hiking opportunities.


These tourist roads in Albania cater to a variety of preferences, from coastal holidays to mountain adventures, and showcase the country's natural beauty, historical sites and cultural richness. Each route offers a unique experience for travellers wishing to explore Albania's diverse landscapes and attractions.





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