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Popular auto routes in Australia

Australia boasts a vast and varied landscape, making it a great destination for road trips. Here are some of Australia's most popular and iconic roadways:

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria. This coastal road along Victoria's south coast is famous for its stunning ocean views and natural landmarks such as the Twelve Apostles.


Pacific Coast Highway, New South Wales and Queensland: stretching from Sydney to Brisbane, this highway offers scenic coastal roads, lush rainforests and access to beautiful beaches.


Gibb River Road, Western Australia. This remote and rugged road takes you through the Kimberley region, offering breathtaking gorges, waterfalls and unique wildlife.


Red Center, Northern Territory: explore the heart of Australia on this journey that includes Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjutu (Olgas) and Kings Canyon.


Tasmania's East Coast: Tasmania's east coast is a scenic coastal road with unspoiled beaches, charming towns and breathtaking views.


Nullarbor Plain, South Australia and Western Australia: a unique and remote journey across a vast arid plain known for its endless horizons and the world's longest golf course.


Великая альпийская дорога, Виктория. Эта дорога проведет вас через Викторианские Альпы, предлагая живописные горные дороги, очаровательные альпийские деревни и зимние виды спорта.


Саванна-Уэй, Северная территория, Квинсленд и Западная Австралия. Пересеките вершину Австралии в этом эпическом путешествии, проходящем через Северную территорию, Квинсленд и Западную Австралию.


Great Western Highway, New South Wales. This historic road connects Sydney to the Blue Mountains, offering access to the Three Sisters and other natural wonders.


Eyre Peninsula Loop, South Australia. Explore South Australia's rugged coastline, unspoiled beaches and unique wildlife on this circular journey.


Alpine Route, New South Wales and Victoria. This alpine journey takes you through snow-capped mountains, offering outdoor adventures and scenic drives.


Southwest Territory, Western Australia: discover the southwest of Western Australia, known for its forests, wineries and rugged coastline.


These popular road trips in Australia offer a wide range of experiences, from coastal drives to outback adventures, and showcase the country's diverse natural beauty and cultural richness.

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