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Popular driving routes: Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a country located in West Africa that can offer travellers a unique experience due to its traditional culture, picturesque landscapes and friendly people.


1. Right-hand traffic. Burkina Faso uses right-hand traffic as most countries in the world.
2. Road conditions. Roads in the country vary in quality from good tarmac tracks to sand and gravel roads, especially in remote areas.
3. traffic. The cities, especially the capital Ouagadougou, can be quite busy, while traffic outside the cities is noticeably calmer.

Interesting facts:
1. Burkina Faso is famous for its music festivals, including the renowned FESPACO African film festival.
2. There are many ethnic groups in the country, each with their own traditions and languages.
3. Burkina Faso's nature ranges from savannahs to reserves with rich wildlife.

Places to visit by car:

1. Ouagadougou: The capital and largest city of Burkina Faso with a variety of markets and cultural centres.
- How to get there: Ouagadougou is located in the centre of the country, easily accessible from any major city via paved roads.
- Itinerary: Drive along the main streets of the city to see the main attractions, including the National Museum and the Ougadougou Market.


2. Bobo Dioulaso: The second largest city in the country, known for its architecture and music scene.
- How to get there: Located in the west of Burkina Faso, it is accessible by car via National Route 1 from Ouagadougou.
- Route: You can enjoy views of the countryside and traditional villages along the way.


3. Niokolokoba Park: One of the largest national parks in West Africa, where you can see elephants, hippos and many species of birds.
- How to get there: Located in the south of the country, on the border with Mali. Access from Ouagadougou requires travelling on Route 1 via Bobo-Dioulaso.
- Route: The journey can take several hours, but there are scenic views along the way.


International driving licence:
To drive in Burkina Faso, foreigners are advised to have an international driving licence in addition to a national driving licence.

Burkina Faso offers travellers the opportunity to explore Africa in its pristine form. Driving through a variety of landscapes, from densely populated cities to secluded nature parks, you will have an unforgettable experience of wildlife encounters and local culture.









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