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Popular driving routes in Georgia

Georgia is a country where centuries-old traditions and unique natural beauty are intertwined. It seems as if here, in the embrace of the Caucasus, time itself flows differently, and every turn of the road opens a new page of history or a picture from a fairy tale for travelers. Road trips in Georgia promise to be full of impressions and tastes, because it is not for nothing they say that Georgian hospitality begins with the first meeting and lasts until the end of the road. Let's consider several routes that every motorist should pass through when discovering Georgia.

In the power of mountains: the Georgian Military Road
This road is a legend, passing through the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, combining historical significance and breathtaking scenery. At 220 kilometers long, it winds from Tbilisi to the Russian border, marked by medieval fortresses, viewpoints and the majestic Friendship Cross on the pass. In summer the route opens in all its splendor, but in winter it can be inaccessible due to snowfall, which adds a touch of adventure to the journey.


Among the vineyards: the Alazan Valley
For connoisseurs of wine and peaceful landscapes, the Alazani Valley route is ideal. This is the heart of Georgian winemaking, where you can visit dozens of wineries, taste the best varieties of wine directly from the barrel and see ancient viticulture traditions come to life. The road passes by ancient churches and forts, and its culmination may be a visit to the town of Sighnaghi, which seems to hang between heaven and earth.


Black Sea Coast: from Batumi to Sarpi
Traveling along the Black Sea coast in Georgia is a different story. Here you will find subtropical landscapes, beaches with fine pebbles and warm sea. The road from Batumi to the Turkish border in Sarpi is winding and colorful with resort towns, tea and citrus plantations. Batumi, with its colorful architecture and botanical gardens, is the perfect place to start or end such a journey.


Discovering off the beaten track: Tushetia
For those who are not afraid of a challenge, a route to Tusheti, one of Georgia's most remote and exciting regions, would be perfect. The roads here are challenging, often requiring off-road vehicles, but offer incredible views of mountain peaks, crystal rivers and secluded villages where time seems to have stood still. Tusheti is a sanctuary of ancient customs, hospitality and, of course, unique Georgian cuisine.


Kakheti: Immersion into antiquity
A journey through Kakheti reveals the full flavor of eastern Georgia. Wine cellars, ancient monasteries like Alaverdi and Gremi, and cozy home wineries are just the beginning of the journey. Stop in Telavi, visit the palace of King Erekle II and soak up the history of the region.


Hot South: Vardzia and the plains of Javakheti
Head south to the unique rock-cut cave town of Vardzia. Later, the road will take you to the high mountain plains of Javakheti, famous for its glacial lakes and volcanic landscapes.


Through the mountains of Svaneti: Mestamicheri and Ushguli
If your car can handle the mountain roads, discover Svaneti with its medieval towers and impregnable peaks. Mestamicheri and Ushguli are two of the highest mountain settlements in Europe, offering unforgettable views and a sense of true freedom.


Secrets of Racha: Through valleys and gorges
Racha is another region of Georgia full of amazing discoveries. With its wooded slopes, mountain rivers and impassable gorges, Racha offers true solitude in the embrace of nature. Don't forget to stop in Ambrolauri to sample authentic Racha grapes.


Each of these itineraries is more than just getting from point A to point B. It is a journey through the history, culture and nature of Georgia, where every kilometer of road tells its own story. And even if the roads of Georgia sometimes seem difficult and unpredictable, they will surely reward you with meetings with incredibly open and hospitable people, the taste of real Georgian khachapuri and wine, as well as memories of an unusually beautiful country that you will want to return to again and again.





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