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Popular driving routes in India

India, with its diverse landscapes and cultures, offers incredible opportunities for auto travelers. From the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean coastline, each route is a unique adventure.

Leh-Manali Highway

The Leh-Manal Highway, leading to the mountain peaks of the Himalayas, is renowned for its beauty and is one of the most breathtaking routes in the world. Driving along this route, auto tourists can experience an unparalleled driving experience on one of the highest mountain roads in the world, reaching an altitude of over 5,000 meters above sea level.



The Golden Triangle connecting Delhi, Agra and Jaipur is a classic introduction to Indian history and culture. This route offers the opportunity to see some of India's most famous historical monuments, including the majestic Taj Mahal and the grand forts of Rajasthan


Konkan Coast Road

The Konkan Coast Road, stretching along the coast of the Arabian Sea, offers amazing views. Traveling along this road offers a unique chance to experience traditional village communities and beautiful sandy beaches that are rarely visited by tourists.


India is also on its way to modernizing its road network, including the development of a network of express highways that will significantly reduce travel time and improve comfort.

Traveling by car in India is not only a way to see the country, but also to immerse yourself in its pulsating life, meet incredible people and experience the diversity of cuisine. It is a journey you will remember for a lifetime.










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