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Popular driving routes in Jordan

Jordan is a country with a rich history and stunning landscapes that is an ideal location for auto touring.

Here are some of the best routes:

The King's Road

This is an ancient trade road stretching from Amman to Aqaba, leading through mountain ranges and canyons, with spectacular views and stops at places like the Dead Sea and Petra. This route covers about 280 kilometers.


Wadi Rum Road

Passes through the desert of the same name, offering drivers a sense of being part of the Martian landscape thanks to its red-orange sand dunes. In addition, traveling along this 30-kilometer route, you will see unique rock formations dating back to the 12th century BC.


Dead Sea Coast

This route stretches along the coastline for 50 km and offers travelers a spa experience in the waters of the Dead Sea with the highest concentration of salt in the world.


Red Sea Road to Wadi Araba
This road connecting Aqaba and the Dead Sea is a 160 km journey along the emerald waters of the Red Sea and majestic mountain ranges.


Amman-Jerash highway
The Amman-Jerash highway, some 48 km long, leads to the ancient city of Jerash, one of the best preserved examples of Roman architecture in the world.


These routes not only reveal the beauty of Jordan, but also give you a closer look at its history and culture.








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