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Popular Latvia driving routes

Latvia, located in the heart of the Baltics, lays out a mosaic of routes that lead you through breathtaking landscapes. It's a place where roads don't just connect dots on the map, but weave together stories of past and present, nature and culture. For the intrepid motorist, Latvia's highways are not so much asphalt under the wheels as a serene journey into the heart of the country.

Travelling through Gauja National Park: Embracing Nature

Start with the winding paths that wind around Gauja National Park. Here, the road itself seems like a living, breathing entity that invites you into the heart of Latvia's natural splendour. The Gauja River accompanies you, remaining a silvery thread among the lush tapestry of the forest. Medieval castles such as Turaida and Sigulda appear between the trees, their stone facades whispering of bygone times. Autumn here is a fiery canvas, with leaves painting the world in red and gold colours - a sight to mesmerise the soul


Coastal Climbing: From Riga to Cape Kolka

Let the Baltic Sea breeze take you from elegant Art Nouveau Riga to the serene shores of Cape Kolka. The coastal road is a tribute to simplicity, where the horizon stretches endlessly and the melodies of the seashore create a soothing soundtrack. At Cape Kolka, situated between the Gulf of Riga and the open Baltic, the waves of two worlds gently collide. It is a place for contemplation, where the expanse of the sea reminds you of the majesty of solitude.

Culture Trail: Riga - Rundale Palace

The journey south from Riga unfolds like the pages of a history book and leads to the baroque splendour of Rundale Palace. The road to Rundale, adorned with fields and forests, is a prelude to the extravagance that awaits you. The palace, designed by the famous architect Rastrelli, is a testament to Latvia's aristocratic past, and its gardens are an elaborate geometric marvel. Every room, every corridor, every stretch of garden path tells of the luxury and art that once flourished in these parts.


Across the Daugava Valley: Latvia's River Road

Travelling along the Daugava River, the lifeblood of Latvia, you'll find yourself on a route that can be described as both an odyssey and a tourist itinerary. The route along the Daugava Valley is a symphony written by the river, which sounds in the rocks, forests and historical towns such as Dviete and Daugavpils, each of which has its own rhythm, its own unique melody in a Latvian concerto.

Travelling to Ventspils: The Way of Curiosity

Head west, where the road takes a playful turn towards the city of Ventspils, a place where maritime heritage meets floral fantasy. The route is easy, allowing you to mentally wander and marvel at the fusion of Latvia's modern spirit with its maritime traditions. Ventspils is a feast for the curious, with interactive museums, a beautifully preserved Old Town and blossoming creative gardens.


In Latvia, every car journey is an intimate communion with the soul of the country. The roads here are not grandiose, but offer a gentle, introspective journey. On them you will come face to face with the quiet beauty of the forests, the reflective depth of the rivers and the calm stoicism of the sea. Driving in Latvia is not just about transit, but about passing through different narratives, an opportunity to thread through the fabric of a land rich in understated appeal.










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