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New Zealand: Travel the Great Road Routes

New Zealand is a country renowned for its incredible natural beauty, volcanic landscapes, crystal clear lakes and picturesque coastlines. To fully enjoy these wonders, many travelers choose to rent a car and embark on an exciting road trip along New Zealand's road routes. In this article, we'll look at some of the best car routes and share tips for renting a car.

Preparation for travel: Car rental

Before you travel around New Zealand, you'll need to rent a car. This is easy to do at the airport or destination city. But to save time and money, it is recommended to book a car in advance. You should consider the following important points:

Selecting a vehicle type: Depending on your group and planned route, select the appropriate vehicle type. Compact cars are suitable for couples and solo travelers, while families and large groups may prefer a larger vehicle.

Insurance: Don't forget about insurance. An insurance policy will help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of an accident or damage to your car. Check the terms and conditions of your insurance to understand what it includes.

Rules of the Road: Before you go out on the road, read the rules of the road in New Zealand. Driving here is on the left and speed limits are strictly regulated.

GPS and Navigation: A GPS or mobile navigation app can be very helpful. They will help you not to get lost and choose the best route.

Auto routes to explore

New Zealand offers many impressive driving routes. Here are a few of them:


Milford Sound Trail: This route takes you through incredible valleys and forests to one of New Zealand's most spectacular natural wonders, Milford Sound. Here you will see majestic waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and wild animals.


Coromandel Drive: Traveling around the Coromandel Peninsula will reveal picturesque beaches, hot springs and quaint resort towns.


Tongariro Route: This region is famous for its volcanic landscapes and Tongariro Park. Here you can go through one of the most beautiful hiking routes - Crossing.


Banks Peninsula: Its proximity to Christchurch makes this area a great choice for a day out in nature. Visit Jansons Bay to see salmon penguins.


Tips for traveling by car

Stock up on food and water: On some parts of the road, shops and restaurants may be far apart, so have plenty of provisions with you.

Plan Ahead: Plan your route in advance and have multiple options in mind if plans change.

Obey speed limits and traffic rules: New Zealand has strict penalties for speeding and other road violations.

Respect Nature: Don't forget about environmental responsibility. Keep clean and respect local fauna and flora.

New Zealand is an amazing country, and driving routes provide a unique opportunity to enjoy its beauty and diversity. Renting a car and following your own route provides an unforgettable experience and allows you to see the most stunning natural wonders of this amazing country.








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