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Explore Paraguay: The Gems of South America

Paraguay is a compact and charming country located in the heart of South America. This corner is not often visited by tourists, and although it lacks a coastline, it boasts extensive natural resources, unique colonial architecture, and a rich history. Paraguay offers a unique and incomparable experience for those looking for an unusual place to relax!

Traffic Features in Paraguay:

Traffic in Paraguay is right-handed.
Roads vary from well-maintained asphalt highways to dirt roads, especially in rural areas.
It's important to consider the variability of weather and its impact on road conditions.
The roads are frequently used by many motorcyclists and cyclists, especially in urban areas.


Asunción – Capital and Cultural Heart

The vibrant city of Asunción is the perfect starting point for your journey through Paraguay. With its colonial architecture, modern shopping centers, velvety green parks, and bustling markets, Asunción offers travelers a unique blend of antiquity and modernity. Don't miss the National Pantheon of Heroes and the Encarnación Church.


La Santisima Trinidad de Parana (about 300 km)

Start in the capital, Asunción, and move south on Route 1. Visit the ruins of La Santisima Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage site, representing one of the most important remnants of the Jesuit missions.


Asunción - Salto del Guairá (about 380 km)

From Asunción, head east on Route 2, then on Route 10. Salto del Guairá is a famous waterfall where you can enjoy majestic views and water activities.


Ciudad del Este - Iguazu National Park (about 300 km)

Depart from Ciudad del Este, cross the border with Brazil, and follow to Iguazu National Park. Enjoy the magnificent Iguazu falls, which are among the largest and most powerful in the world.


Asunción - Villarrica (about 180 km)

Follow east on Route 2 from Asunción. Villarrica is a cultural city with colonial architecture, museums, and artisan markets.

International Driving Permit
In Paraguay, the international driving permit (IDP) is recognized and recommended for foreign nationals wishing to drive a vehicle in the country.








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