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Portugal: Travelling the Fabulous Routes of the Iberian Peninsula

Portugal is a place where the past is intertwined with the present and nature is astonishingly diverse. This small southern European diamond offers travellers a unique opportunity to experience endless beaches, explore mysterious medieval towns and enjoy a world of picturesque vineyards. Let's take an exciting journey along some of Portugal's most fascinating motorway routes to experience the atmosphere of this amazing country.


Douro Wine Route

For true wine gourmets, this route is a must-do. It takes you into the world of wine along the Douro River. Here you'll immerse yourself in endless vineyards, visit traditional quintas (wine farms) and enjoy a tasting of the finest Portuguese wines. Travelling along the Duero also offers incredible views of the river and the graceful bridges spanning its waters.


Algarve Coastal Route

The Algarve is a Portuguese paradise known for its endless golden sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Travelling along the Algarve coastline, you'll discover secluded coves, dramatic cliffs and picturesque fishing villages. This route is ideal for sun and sea breeze lovers.


Lisbon and Sintra Road Trip*

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and Sintra, a romantic city, are two of the Iberian Peninsula's must-see gems. On this itinerary, you can wander the narrow streets of Lisbon, visit many museums and enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Then head to Sintra, where castles, palaces and fairytale gardens await.


The Inland Iberia Route

This route offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Portugal's rich cultural and historical heritage. Passing through towns such as Évora, Tomer and Monsarraj, you will feel like a temporary traveller. This region is known for its medieval castles, Roman amphitheatre ruins and cosy villages.


Atlantic Coast Road Trip

This itinerary allows you to explore the Atlantic coast, starting from Porto and ending in Faro. Dunes await you, beautiful beaches, fishing villages and much more. Also don't forget to visit the Sapalinha National Natural Heritage Park (Sapal de Castro Marim), home to a variety of bird species.


These fascinating driving routes represent only a small part of what you can see and experience in Portugal. This country is rich in history, culture and nature and your journey along its roads promises to be an unforgettable adventure. Remember to obey the rules of the road and enjoy every moment of this amazing trip







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