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Certification and Nominations

The International Federation of Autotourism (IFA) is a centralized body specializing in the development of international autotourism, including improving the quality of services in the field of autotourism. Founded in 2002, IFA provides accreditation and international driving permit organizations, as well as official certification of car rental companies

Contribution to the development of auto tourism

IFA is actively working to develop motor tourism, conducting research and surveys among travelers to improve services in this area. We collaborate with government agencies and private enterprises to create a favorable environment for motorists and improve road infrastructure.

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Attestation process

The certification process includes an application by the company, a preliminary review of documentation, inspection visits by IFA auditors and a detailed assessment against the above criteria. After successfully passing the certification, the company receives an IFA certificate confirming the high quality of the services provided. The certificate is valid for three years, after which the company must undergo re-certification.


Since 2003, the IFA has introduced an official certification program for car rental companies.

This program is designed to evaluate and confirm the quality of services provided by rental companies and includes numerous criterias

Quality of the vehicle fleet

The technical condition of the vehicles, their age, availability of modern amenities and compliance with international safety standards are assessed.


Confirmation of possession of all necessary licenses and permits to conduct car rental activities.

Customer Service Quality

Includes an assessment of the level of service, availability and competence of staff, and the company's ability to meet individual customer needs.

Customer turnover

Analyzes customer loyalty, frequency of repeat requests and growth of the customer base.

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews customer reviews on independent platforms and social media to assess overall level of satisfaction with services.

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