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United Automobile Clubs Community (UACC)


It is an international community of passionate car enthusiasts and car clubs united by a common passion for cars and a desire to make the automotive hobby world a better place.

UACC is an official member of the International Federation of Autotourism and the main organizer of events for car owners.​

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UACC is a platform for uniting car clubs by models, specifications, bodies, and trim levels. 

  • We organize off-site events for participants,

  • We unite like-minded car enthusiasts from different countries,

  • We organize official presentations of new models from automakers,

  • We organize competitions among car club participants,

  • We plan thematic road tours to popular and unexplored locations in Europe and Asia


 Our vision is to become the world's leading platform for car clubs and car enthusiasts, where every member of the community can discover and share knowledge, find like-minded people and inspiration, and create more exciting moments in the world of cars. We are committed to ensuring that every car club, regardless of size or location, has access to the resources and support needed to successfully grow and participate in the car club culture.

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is to create a strong and inspiring community of car enthusiasts, promote the exchange of knowledge and experience, and support and develop the culture of car clubs around the world. We strive to make driving safe, diverse and fun.

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  • Passion for Cars: We share a passion for cars and everything related to them.

  • Facilitation: We encourage mutual assistance and the exchange of knowledge between clubs and their members.

  • Safety: We encourage safe and responsible driving and handling of vehicles.

  • Diversity: We value the diversity of cars, cultures and people in our community.

  • Inspiration: We create inspiring experiences and opportunities for our members.

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