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Route to success: The history of our Federation in the world of autotourism

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  • Founding of the International Federation of Autotourism IFA to defend the interests of autotourists

  • Holding the first annual IFA congress for autotourists of the CIS countries

  • Participation in the first International Festival aimed at the sustainable development of auto tourism, taking into account environmental aspects

  • Implementation of an exclusive program for joining the organization - International Federation of Autotourism Membership


  • Launch of an educational program for car travelers.

  • The first Pittsburgh auto festival dedicated to the development of auto tourism, organized with the participation of the Federation, bringing together all interested car enthusiasts from all continents



  • Development of an environmental educational program “IFA Eco Drive” for  car travelers

  • Introduction of the international certification program “IFA RouteMaster” in the field of autotourism and route planning

  • IFA announces the launch of a study to explore the trends, preferences and challenges facing caravanning. The study includes analysis of data from participants and motorists from different countries, which allows us to develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics of road travel.


  • IFA participation in concluding international agreements with autotourism organizations from different countries

  • Study of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the Earth's atmosphere to counter global warming

  • Establishing IFA partnerships with international organizations for the development of auto tourism



Дакар 2001.jpg
  • ​In 2006, the 28th Dakar Rally took place, which is one of the most famous and challenging automobile competitions in the world, where the IFA was one of the sponsors

  • Launch of the online portal “IFA AutoVentures” for lovers of traveling by car

  • IFA participation in one of the world’s largest exhibitions “World Travel Market (WTM)” in London


  • Start of development of specialized educational programs “AutoTour EduVenture” and trainings for autotourists and other industry participants.

  • Launch of the Google Maps application for mobile devices. This was a revolution in the field of auto tourism, as it allowed travelers to easily find the desired route.

  • The FIA is participating in the first World Road Safety Congress in St. Petersburg for international efforts to reduce accidents and improve road safety



  • IFA celebrates the international holiday - Tourism Day, held on September 27th, established by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization in 1979

  • Launch of the IFA Travel Club program, which provides IFA members with special conditions and discounts on hotel bookings, car rentals, parking, insurance, ticket purchases and other services related to tourism by motor transport

  • Launch of the Airbnb service. This offered new overnight accommodation options during tourism for road travelers. IFA announces its partnership with Airbnb, which gives IFA members access to exclusive discounts and referral programs on accommodation bookings, enhancing the caravanning experience.


  • Launch of the first international campaign to promote autotourism around the world

  • IFA acts as one of the participants in the global summit “Auto Tour Global Summit”

  • IFA is a participant in the Monaco Auto Tourism Festival, which presented various types of auto tours and routes in Europe, Asia, Africa and America



  • Launch of official web portal: The Federation launched its official web portal for information exchange and project coordination

  • Conducting the first IFA International Forum on Tourism Safety, which was held in Rome, where issues of preventing and eliminating emergency situations on the roads, providing medical care and evacuating victims, as well as improving driving culture and compliance with traffic rules were discussed


  • The adoption of the updated version of the World Convention on Road Traffic contributed to the unification of traffic rules between countries and increased road safety

  • IFA is one of the participants in the China Auto Tourism Festival, which presented a variety of auto tours and routes in China and neighboring countries, as well as held seminars, exhibitions, competitions and shows dedicated to Chinese culture and history

Campervan at Night


  • Project "Car Tourism Without Borders": IFA launched the project "Car Tourism Without Borders" aimed at strengthening cultural exchange through tourism by car

  • Organization of the first motor rally with the participation of the IFA, which took place along the route Paris - Budapest - Moscow, and in which more than 20 crews from different countries took part. The purpose of the rally was not only to test your driving and navigation skills, but also to get acquainted with the sights, traditions and customs of different countries


Launch of the “IFA Road School” project, which offers educational programs on auto tourism for children and teenagers, including theoretical classes, practical exercises, excursions and games aimed at developing an interest in travel, developing driving skills and road safety, as well as broadening their horizons and knowledge about the world.



  • Holding the first competition among auto travelers to record a short road movie, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the uniqueness and attractiveness of auto tourism as a way to travel and discover new horizons


  • The Federation is actively involved in promoting environmentally sustainable motor tourism and measures to reduce the impact on the environment

  • IFA is participating in the first International Forum on the Development of Auto Tourism in Russia, at which the prospects and problems of auto tourism in Russia were discussed, and the best practices and experiences of other countries in this area were presented



  • IFA is a guest of the first International Festival of Auto Tourism in Africa, which presented a variety of auto tours and routes in Africa, as well as seminars, exhibitions, competitions and shows dedicated to African culture and history

  • Launch of the “Family Drive with IFA” project, which offers family drive-thru programs for parents and children, including driving, navigation and road safety training, as well as entertainment, places to visit and educational activities aimed at strengthening family values and bonds


  • Launch of the “IFA Smart Trip” project, which is aimed at using modern technologies and innovations in autotourism, such as navigation systems, mobile applications, distance learning and consultations, as well as creating an online platform for the exchange of experience and information between autotourists

  • World Autotourism Congress: IFA is a participant in the World Autotourism Congress, where current issues and the future of the industry were discussed

  • International Exhibition "AutoTour 2018": IFA participates in the international exhibition "AutoTour 2018" in Geneva, Switzerland, which is becoming one of the most important events in the auto tourism industry.



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  • The Ministries of Transport of Russia and China agreed and signed a new agreement between the countries on international road transport

  • Holding the first International Auto Blog Competition, the purpose of which is to encourage and support creativity and journalism in the field of auto tourism, as well as spread a positive image and attract attention to this type of travel


  • The beginning of the active formation of cooperative relations between the Federation and the governments of the CIS countries on the development of standards and regulation of auto tourism

  • Development and implementation of the “International Culture Drive” program, which is aimed at studying and preserving the cultural heritage of different countries and regions, by organizing auto excursions, visits to museums, monuments, temples and other attractions, as well as participation in festivals, holidays and rituals



  • Organization of the first International Online Festival of Auto Tourism, which was held amid the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on movement. The festival presented various formats of online travel, such as virtual tours, webinars, games and quests, and also gave participants the opportunity to communicate and share their impressions

  • Formation of the charitable project “IFA Charity”, which offers charitable programs for the community of road travelers to help people and organizations in need, such as the delivery of humanitarian aid, medical supplies, food and other necessary things, as well as the provision of advice, support and training


  • IFA's participation in the adoption of the International Code for the Protection of Tourists (ICTP) at the 24th Session of the General Assembly, held in Madrid, Spain, from 30 November to 3 December 2021, represents an important event in the field of tourism and consumer rights of tourists

  • Launch of the “IFA Adventure Drive” project, which offers extreme and adventure auto tourism programs for lovers of adrenaline and unusual situations, such as off-road, rally raids, expeditions to wild and hard-to-reach places

На дороге


  • Organization of the first International Festival of Auto Tourism in Australia, which presented a variety of auto tours and routes in Australia and Oceania, as well as held seminars, exhibitions, competitions and shows dedicated to Australian culture and history

  • IFA is an active participant in the International Festival of Caravanning and Autotourism F.I.C.C. INTERNATIONAL RALLY-2022, which was held for the first time in Moscow from July 29 to August 7


  • Environmental Responsibility Training: Motor tourists receive training on minimizing their impact on nature while traveling, including collecting waste and following environmental regulations.

  • International tourist arrivals have reached 80% of pre-pandemic levels. This indicates an active recovery of tourism and auto tourism after the pandemic.

  • Tourism on Track for Full Recovery as New Data Shows Strong Start to 2023 (

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