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About International Federation of Autotourism

The International Federation of Autotourism (IFA) was founded in 2002 with the goal of creating a society in which auto tourism transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, promotes the exchange of cultural experiences and promotes sustainable travel experiences for all.

IFA activities are aimed at establishing a global community of motor tourists, where the diversity of cultures and geographies serves as a source of mutual understanding and exchange of experiences. This promotes auto tourism as a means of cultural enrichment and stimulates intercultural dialogue.

IFA is registered with the Ministry of Justice with identification number No. 020340011237. The international activities of the Federation extend to the territory of Central Asia, Europe and the MENA region.

IFA is authorized to carry out the following types of activities:

  • Certification of the activities of specialized organizations for the translation, registration and issuance of International Driving Permits in Europe, Asia and the MENA region;

  • Certification, accreditation of associations and organizations related to auto-tourism;

  • Issuance of permits for members of the federation in the auto-tourism industry;

  • Registration of issued certificates;

  • Development of auto-tourism in Europe, Asia and the MENA region;

  • Partnerships with global organizations in the auto-tourism industry.


IFA registration activities

The registration activities of the International Federation of Autotourism (IFA) represent an integral part of the global automotive infrastructure that serves the goals of ensuring the mobility and safety of motor tourists at the international level. It acts as a key instrument providing the legal and regulatory framework for motor tourism activities and travel.

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IFA Mission
and Values

The International Federation of Autotourism (IFA) is called upon to defend the interests of autotourists around the world. Our mission is to promote and create conditions for safe, sustainable and culturally enriching travel for motor tourists, and to encourage cooperation between motor tourists, government agencies and other stakeholders in the motor tourism industry.

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Cultural exchange

We promote intercultural dialogue and exchange of cultural experiences among autotourists to enhance mutual understanding between different cultures and countries.



Safety and responsibility

We develop and implement measures and standards aimed at ensuring the safety of motor tourists during their travels.


Global interaction


We promote interaction between representatives of autotourism organizations, government agencies and other interested parties to solve common problems and create a global support network for autotourism.


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Infrastructure development

We encourage collaboration with public and private organizations to improve automotive infrastructure and communications related to autotourism.


Sustainable tourism

We support and promote practices that promote sustainable and environmentally responsible autotourism, taking into account the protection of natural resources and the preservation of cultural heritage.

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