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Popular auto routes in Algeria

Algeria is a vast and diverse country with many attractions, from the Sahara Desert to the Mediterranean coast. Although Algeria is known for its road infrastructure, it is important to plan your routes carefully, as some regions may require special permits or safety considerations. Here are some of the most popular tourist roadways and routes in Algeria:

Trans-Sahara Highway: this is one of Algeria's most iconic roads, crossing the Sahara Desert. It stretches through several countries and is a real overland adventure. The Algerian part offers breathtaking desert landscapes.


From Algiers to Oran: The coastal road connecting the capital Algiers to the vibrant city of Oran offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, historic cities and access to cultural sites.


Tlemcen to Magnia. This road takes you from the picturesque town of Tlemcen to Magnia, a town known for its markets and cultural heritage. Along the way, you can explore the Tlemsen National Park.


Hoggar Mountains Route: this route starts in Tamanrasset and passes through the stunning Hoggar Mountains, offering incredible desert scenery and the opportunity to visit the Assecrem Plateau.


Sahara Oasis Itinerary: Explore the Sahara oases of the Gardaïa and Ouargla regions, including towns such as El Golea, Beni Isgen and the Mzab Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


From Setif to Batna: this mountain route in the Ores Mountains is famous for its beautiful scenery, including the impressive Gufi Canyon.


From Tamanrasset to Janet: discover the beauty of the Algerian Sahara desert on this itinerary, which includes stops at Tassili n'Ager National Park and its ancient rock paintings.


When traveling these routes in Algeria, it is important to keep in mind local conditions, road safety and any permits or restrictions that may apply, especially when traveling to desert areas. Algeria's diverse landscapes offer a wide range of travel options, from coastal adventures to desert exploration and mountain treks.






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